inner traveller

a nowhere man, a boy in the band

Thought via Path

while my head hang high and my hand untied
on the horizon theres a little piece of land i aspire
can we go some place where they dont know my face
gather round bare witness to my fall from grace
(fall from grace, pete doherty) – Read on Path.

i find a liberty in a cup of coffee

—rigor samsa

i wanna be your regret when you try forget
i wanna be an aching when you try to changing
your heart, which i belong to
only one cannot becoming two
when i try to measure the depth of the heartbreaking blue
the meter said “you”

Thought via Path

im wearing my wet shoes to walk all over the town, but all the dishes are served cold,and some regret become proper noun. – Read on Path.

menyapih sepi hingga tumbuh menjadi dewasa
tapi ternyata sepi tak mengenal dewasa
ia terus merengek minta kau tak beranjak dari sisinya
sampai akhirnya kau pun tak tega untuk mengusir sepi

Thought via Path



menunggu reda
menunggu air menjadi batu
menunggumu pulang

karena rindu tak bisa menunggu
ia terus memburu
setiap celah waktu

rigor – Read on Path.

i cannot write anymore

i write your name

with a blood ink

on a sullen paper

i sail on your frame

but then i sink

by your sullen whisper

i told you to put the rope on my neck

once i move forward i cannot go back

candy, sweet and lonely

crawling deep down of me

i will shed my blood

if that could make me yours

candy, strangest beauty

the way she kill soft and lovely

now my tears become mud

elapse on the dirty floors

im drifting in the horizon

the sky is so dry

i see the sun crying

touching my wounded skin

im sinking in the alcohol

awakening my dreamfull sleep

my lady is so high

my love can’t take you back

Anonymous asked: do you love her?

love who?